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Cricut Cartridge How Many Do You Own

cricutdiecuttingmachine.com Are you a Cricut cartridge collector ? Do you use the Cricut Design Studio software to expand your paper cutting fun and design unique paper craft projects? Vote for your favorite Cricut Cartridges.

The Cricut Cake Machine

Cricut now has a food safe machine that is dedicated just to cutting food! Make beautiful gum paste decorations for your cake, or cut cheese or even tortillas! Use the same cartridges that you would use for your regular paper cutting Cricut. This video was made for Paper Craft Planet at the CHA Winter 2010 Show.

Is the Cricut Imagine Right For Me?

www.AboveRubiesStudio.com is all about providing you with information. Information that you need to further your paper craft creativity. In this video we try to review and answer some questions on the New Cricut Imagine. There have been many questions and concerns and we talk about them right here in this two part video. Watch Part 2 at http

4 Easy Ways to Find the Cricut Cartridge Accent Essentials

How can you get your hands on one of Cricut's most sought-after cartridges, the Cricut Cartridge Accent Essentials?

It's easy, if you know the right tricks. Don't plan on going to a regular store and finding the Cricut Cartridge Accent Essentials, though, because you won't find it.

Cricut sold the Accent Essentials cartridge exclusively with the Expression machine, so you won't find it on store shelves. If you're not one of the lucky people who purchased the Expression machine, you'll have to be a little creative in your search for this exclusive cartridge.

1. Have a "Cartridge Swap". Invite your fellow scrap booking and paper craft friends together. In the invitation, have a list of the "Most Wanted" cartridges. All of the guests will bring their cartridges that they are willing to swap, hopefully using the "Most Wanted" list as a guide. At the swap, you can trade cartridges for a limited period of time, such as 2 weeks. During those two weeks, you can tackle numerous projects and decide for yourself if the Cricut Cartridge Accent Essentials is a cartridge that you want to have in your permanent collection.

2. Visit an online auction site. Thanks to the Internet, you can get in touch with sellers literally all over the world. Online, you can find people who have the Cricut Cartridge Accent Essentials but don't want it and are willing to sell it. If you don't want to navigate around large auction sites, there's even a simpler option for you. Visit www.cricutcartridges.net to see an up-to-date listing of Cricut Cartridges listed on eBay. The cartridges, their price, and shipping information is posted for you without you having to do a search on eBay.

3. Check out the local classifieds. Lots of people list items for sale in the newspaper or in online classifieds such as craigslist. If you can find someone locally who is selling the Cricut Cartridge Accent Essentials, you will even be able to look at the product before you buy it. Classifieds are updated every day, so keep checking back if you don't find what you're looking for on the very first try. You can also post in the "Wanted Items" section that you're looking for the Cricut Cartridge Accent Essentials. You may be contacted by someone who didn't think to post their cartridge but is willing to part with it.

4. Visit online scrapbooking forums, message boards, and groups. You can search through posts or create a post of your own. You can bring up the possibility of swapping some of your unused cartridges for the Cricut Cartridge Accent Essentials, or you can offer to buy someone's unused copy. If you are willing to purchase a used cartridge, make sure you put that in the post. The likelihood of someone responding to your query is greater since the entire site is dedicated to your target audience.

Whether you're looking to trade a cartridge for the Cricut Cartridge Accent Essentials or you want to buy it outright, it's simple to find what you're looking for, if you know where to look.

Cathy Scraps is a full time nurse, mother of two, and wife. She gives advice on Cricut Cartridges on her website at Cricutcartridges.net . Visit her site for a chance to win a FREE Cricut Cartridge of your choice!

Awesome Cricut Projects You Never Thought You Could Make

Cricut Projects That Will Amaze....

Have you ever looked at finished Scrapbooking and paper craft projects and thought that you couldn't possibly make something that creative? Have you ever wished that you could tap into your hidden creative side to be inspired to complete a beautiful project?

I often want to design and make beautiful cards, scrapbook layouts, and crafts that will amaze my friends, but I fall short on creativity and inspiration. Fortunately for me, Provo Craft invented Cricut, the solution to the creatively-challenged would-be crafters.

Cricut is an innovative die cut maker that simplifies the process of using die cuts for Cricut projects. With the help of Cricut, you can design and create Cricut projects you can be proud of.

How Can Cricut Help Me to Make Impressive Cricut Projects?

Okay, so how can Cricut help you to be creative? After all, it's just a die cut machine, right? Well, yes and no. Cricut is a machine that makes die cuts; however, Cricut differs from a simple die cutter by theme-ing their cartridges. Themed cartridges allow you to take a simple idea and build upon it by using coordinating die cuts to make Cricut projects that will never fail to impress.

It's simple to use the cartridges to help you to shape and add dimension to your simple idea, transforming it into a creative, unique Cricut project. When your friends brag on your new creative abilities, you will have a tough time choosing between taking the credit gracefully and secretively or proudly boasting about Cricut and what it's done for you.

Where Do I Begin with a Cricut Project?

The first thing you should do before you begin your Cricut project is to answer a few simple questions:

• What is the focus of this project?
• Who is the audience for this project?
• What is this project's theme?

Let me take you through this process. Let's say that I'm hosting a birthday party for a toddler, and the theme is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I want to create little takeaways for the toddler's friends using Cricut. I've answered my three questions:

• The focus of the project is takeaways for the guests.
• The audience is toddlers (and their parents, if I'm honest!)
• The theme is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

The first thing I want to do is to take a look at the available Mickey Mouse Cricut Cartridges- doing that will help me to get inspiration for my project. I go to the internet and see that there's a Disney Mickey and Friends cartridge with all of the main Mickey and Friends characters. I realize that each character has several different die cuts along with several houses and stores that Mickey visits.

I realize that I can create unique takeaways by using a simple oriental take-out box (unused, of course) and putting a character on each one. With the embellishments, I can create unique treat takeaways for far less than I would have spent at a party supply store, and the finished cricut project will be something that I will be proud of.

Cathy Scraps is a full time nurse, mother of two, and wife. She gives advice on Cricut Cartridges on her website at Visit her site for a chance to win a FREE Cricut Cartridge of your choice!